Society for Calligraphy, Southern California



Lots of links and a newsletter.
International Research Centre for Calligraphy
Based in the Design Centre at the University of Sunderland, UK
The Edward Johnston Foundation
The Edward Johnston Foundation is an arts organization currently applying for charitable status. Its mission is to forward calligraphy and lettering as central expressions of cultural creativity.
Great site, in French
Letter Arts Review
Now available at John Neal Books
The Getty Center
Admission is always free, but the parking isn’t. Carpool!
Scripps College Press
The Scripps College Press publishes limited edition books each semester created and printed with letterpress equipment by students in Art 135: Typography and the Book Arts.
St. John’s Bible
Check calligrapher Donald Jackson’s masterpiece.
Summit Scribes List of Guilds and Societies
A fairly comprehensive list of US and Canadian calligraphy groups.
Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society
Based in the United Kingdom
The Washington (DC) Calligraphers’ Guild
Founded in 1976 by internationally-known calligrapher Sheila Waters and a group of her associates.